Lubin Law


Richard G. Lubin heads the firm. He has been practicing criminal law for 40 years. Richard is nationally recognized as one of the premier defense attorneys in the country. Our Firm represents citizens and corporations in state and federal courts during the investigation stage and after charges are brought.


Richard Lubin has developed the concept of a team approach to all cases, regardless of the type of matter being defended. Each of the attorneys is involved as part of a "team" on every case. The Firm meets for regular brainstorming sessions to assure that "all options and avenues are considered" and that no strategies to assist the client are overlooked.


The Firm takes a very aggressive, goal-oriented approach to its work when appropriate, while recognizing that each case is different and that strategies must be developed on a case-by-case basis.


The philosophy of our Firm is that thorough, comprehensive preparation leads to the best results. The Firm takes a "leave-no-stone-unturned" approach to its investigations. We believe in the use of sophisticated investigators and investigative techniques such as the use of the internet. We believe that a thorough "know-all-there-is-about-every case, every-witness and every-document" approach enables us to develop creative, cutting edge motions, successful settlements and winning trial strategies.

Richard was one of the early advocates of the use of trial consultants and focus groups to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of cases before trial, so that winning strategies can be developed. The Firm believes in the effective use of expert witnesses to assist it in making powerful presentations.


The vast majority of the Firm's cases are handled quietly with no public profile whatsoever. When media attention is unavoidable, the Firm has decades of experience handling media relations on behalf of its clients. Strategic, thoughtful, timely dissemination of information to the media minimizes potential damage to a client's reputation and can, in fact, be helpful to a client's case.

BAR Register - Preeminet Lawyers 2021 Florida Bar Board Certified